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LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS PROGRAM: Ocean Conservancy's Fish Conservation Program is a dynamic, multi-faceted initiative focused on achieving sustainable fisheries in our nation's waters with an emphasis on the Gulf of Mexico and California Current large marine ecosystems. Ocean Conservancy has played a key leadership role in transitioning our nation's fisheries towards a sustainable future. Past accomplishments include securing significant improvements to our nation's fisheries management laws in 1996 and 2007 as well as the establishment of science-based rebuilding plans for overfished species of groundfish in the Pacific. We will continue this leadership role by ensuring the development and implementation of laws and policies consistent with sustainable fisheries in partnership with fishery stakeholders in the Pacific region. The Policy Analyst will work in concert with our team of professionals to ensure that national laws and policies are consistent with sustainable fisheries and that regional management policies and decisions continue to transition fisheries to long-term sustainability. Ocean Conservancy envisions a healthy and productive California Current LME that supports a resilient ocean ecosystem and coastal communities for decades to come. PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITIES: The Policy Analyst's primary responsibility is advocating for Ocean Conservancy's sustainable fisheries platforms and priorities in the US Pacific fishery management council processes. Day-to-day work involves close coordination with the Director of Fish Conservation to analyze ongoing and emerging regional and national fishery management issues, develop appropriate advocacy platforms that lead to sustainable fish populations and fishing communities (including written and oral comments), and communicate fish conservation positions and priorities to both internal and external audiences. The Policy Analyst will be expected to collaborate with a team of Ocean Conservancy experts, state and federal government officials, the news media, non-governmental organization colleagues, the academic community, industry groups and other stakeholders in the region to achieve program goals. Finally, the Policy Analyst will assist with the development and management of work plans and budgets to ensure that our sustainable fisheries goals are achieved. SPECIFIC RESPONSIBILITIES: The Policy Analyst will secure sustainable fisheries management in the Pacific by: Working with a multi-disciplinary team of Ocean Conservancy experts to develop and implement strategies that achieve desired conservation outcomes. Achieving fish conservation program objectives through implementing and monitoring project work plans in line with available resources. Maintaining cooperative and effective working relationships with colleagues in government agencies, regional fishery management councils, industry groups, scientific and academic communities, and non-governmental organizations. REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS: In-depth knowledge of fishery management laws, systems and policies. Two years or more of professional conservation, public policy, program management or other relevant experience. Ability to effectively work within a team of experts and manage project work plans and budgets to secure meaningful results. Demonstrated ability to work effectively in the Pacific region preferred. OTHER/PERSONAL CHARACTERISTICS: A strategic thinker who can bring the creativity, energy, discipline and commitment needed to execute our fisheries policy and advocacy work; A high-level performer who remains attentive to details and adheres strictly to deadlines and deliverables while keeping a larger vision in mind; Excellent interpersonal and communication skills; Highly collaborative with an appreciation of the benefit of a multi-disciplinary team approach; Productive and focused to support accurate and timely analysis, advocacy, products, and positions. BECOMING AN OCEAN CONSERVANCY TEAM MEMBER: Source: - Free Classified Ads in US on Craigslist